SAP: Clive Own „I’ve been thinking… about thinking“

With everything — from our devices to our cars to our houses to our businesses — becoming “smart,” it’s probably a good idea to know what they’re thinking.

With a new campaign launching this week, SAP suggests it’s the company to help other businesses do so. The effort, titled “Let’s Do This” and featuring actor Clive Owen, is meant to challenge the status quo of doing business.

“We’re responding to a lot of the challenges that we’re hearing from our customers,” Alicia Tillman, chief marketing officer at SAP, tells Marketing Daily. “There are a lot of channels and opportunities that provide insight; it’s necessary to start taking that insight and turning it into a benefit for your business.”

English version: „I’ve been thinking … about thinking“

Deutsch Version: „Ich denke nach… was alles denkt“

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