Engaging Millennials In The Workplace: Tips And Learning Strategies for SAP related Knowledge Content That Work

By 2025, three out of every four employees around the world will be millennials. This generation has grown up differently and deserves to be treated differently. Learning strategies that otherwise work for older generations aren’t likely to find resonance with folks of this ilk. It is important for Learning & Development professionals to create corporate training for millennials by understanding what interests them, what puts them off and what catches their attention to help them learn “their way.”

SAP Learning Hub provides 24/7 access to online learning content, interactive SAP Learning Rooms guided from from SAP experts, and live SAP training systems (optional) in a public or private cloud environment. Individuals, businesses, and universities can choose from thousands of training titles – including e-learning courses, SAP transaction simulations, handbooks, and more.

For more information about SAP Learning Hub access the info here.

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