80% of helpdesk calls are no system issues, but „how-to“ questions and user generated errors. You can not manage what you cannot measure.

The cost of doing nothing.

The world is changing more quickly than ever before – but most organizations aren’t necessarily doing a great job of preparing their employees for what’s to come.

Relying on a train-as-you-go, event-based approach means that you’ll always be playing catch up: training your employees to meet current requirements. To build a skilled, agile workforce, you need to make sure that work and learning are intertwined.

Embedding learning as a continuous element of your staff’s day-to-day working lives, will have the greatest impact on your employees and your organization.

1000 calls to the help desk per week where the average call is $37 per incident = $37’000 > x 52 weeks that’s $1’924’000

80% of those calls are no system issues, but „how-to“ questions and user generated errors.

If an untrained SAP user spends 2.5 hours in non productive searching and corrections per day (at an FLC of $48 per hour) in one year that could amount to $28’800.

Supprt Costs

What if you have 12’000 untrained users?

That’s $173 million a year!

You can not manage what you cannot measure. User Experience Monitoring is here the key.

Find out more information about SAP User Experience Management




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