Learning Strategy. You can not switch a switch.

You need a Road Map and for this you need a Learning Strategy

There are 4 simple steps to build a learning organization

Step 1 Analysis.  Where do we start?

  • Consolidation and periodization
    • Organization-wide
    • Segmentation
    • wind a group who give you a quick win
  • Analysis of behavior by tools like SAP User Experience Management (UEM) will help to monitor and analyze what your users are actually doing on your system. You can base decisions on real date and not assumptions when it comes to identifying further user enablement initiatives.

Step 2 Capability Review.  Understanding you current position.

  • Where are we now? What can your users already do well? Where are the current skills gaps?
    • Assessment & Baseline
    • What existing formal learning material do we have?
    • What super user activities are already in action
    • How much can be reused?
      • Segment-specific
      • Learning Need Analysis
      • Content Review
      • Readiness Review
  • SAP User Experience Management can help to understand users current actions and errors

Step 3 Solution Building

Step 4 Review

To close the loop you need to understand what affects your measures are having. What’s working well, what needs to be changed, what’s next? Than you can move on to the next segment of your organization. Keep in mind, building a learning organization is an iterative process.



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